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Three years of partnership and counting

We, at VR Team, are happy to announce that we have wrapped up our third year of successful partnership with aye4fin. Meeting the aye4fin colleagues in Cologne in the end of 2022 and generating some ideas on future projects as well as setting up new challenging goals for the year ahead of us.

Our teambuilding activities not only exhilarated us but also further strengthened our partnership. A new project (reinforced by aye4fin’s consulting capacity) is about to be started in early 2023. VR Team will be the rocket-booster of a cutting-cost service for all big-scale PayPal users. Heavy e-commerce merchants using PayPal will greatly benefit from a dedicated VR Team account manager, and additionally supported by aye4fin’s team and backed-up by the strong Consileon group.

We are also celebrating the fact that VR Team became 100% certified in implementing Stripe solutions and officially became a trusted Stripe partner. Stripe is renowned for its developer friendly nature, cutting edge-technology, speedy and secure payment processing all around the globe.

Having a partner as aye4fin further expands VR Team's reach to new opportunities in Western Europe and the USA. aye4fin GmbH is a global consulting company specializing in the areas of payment and e-commerce. As a member of the Consileon Group, aye4fin works to take customers and their businesses to the next level while optimizing their processes.


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