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Sometimes you just might need the extra expertise and experience to set up processes and procedures according to best practices. With over 10 years experience in the area, we would be able to provide you with consulting and advice on wide range of topics in the area of payments, fraud, chargeback & risk management, customer on-boarding and verification (KYC/KYB). Verticals, not limited to, cover fiat to crypto exchange (and vice versa), requirements, high risk processing or e-commerce - you are covered.


You just set up your online business, being ecommerce, crypto (ICO, wallet, exchange), gambling or otherwise and you plan to accept a wide variety of payments. Or you already run one and struggle to get accepted, increase your sales, decrease false negative declines and try to enter new markets. With our experience, a wide network of contacts and partnering with several banks, payment & platform providers (operating with your verticals and targeted geographies), we could provide you with affordable rates and swift on-boarding.

Virtual teams

Setting up new processes and managing them might feel overwhelming. VR Team is here to help you – we can build for you the right team structure in-house, setting your procedures according to your processes and assisting you managing them  remotely. Or you want to expand and cut cost – as we partner with several payment institutions and platform providers, we can assist you delegate management to them or outsource and build your dedicated teams in Bulgaria (famous with IT, lower costs and smart people).



At VR Team we strive to provide our clients with excellent services. We help connect businesses – from financial through fintech, gaming, ecommerce to crypto space. We provide consulting while emphasizing on personal approach and we help clients from across the globe with significantly reducing costs and time to market.


VR Team (Virtual Remote Team) was founded in early 2018 in Sofia, Bulgaria by  seasoned experts in the areas of payments operations, fintech and business development. Although we are a newly-founded company, we hold valuable experience and in-depth niche-market understanding that we gained from various industries, where our founders worked, such as payment providers, digital wallets, high risk merchants and crypto exchanges. With more than 10 years on-hands experience in the area of on-line payments, fraud management and customer verification, we managed to build internal processes and procedures for various high-risk merchants from the ground up, enabling smooth payment processing and clean operational processes, while keeping fraud ratios below industry standard.


Now, as an independent consulting company and partner for several payment institutions and platform providers, VR Team aims to connect the dots of the payment sphere. We enable smoother on-boarding to the right processors, improvement of operational processes and even assisting our clients with reducing costs and time to market. We help our partners to expand their client portfolio and our clients to find the most suitable solution. If needed, we are not afraid to walk the extra mile and offer what most consulting companies won’t do – build your dedicated virtual remote teams at our premises. Operating out of the heart of tech-savvy Bulgaria, we can provide great talent at a most affordable price, operating according to the best practices on the market. Give us your trust and let us help you towards achieving your goals and dreamed performance.



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VR Team partners with Moola

​VR Team proudly partners with Moola Student Banking (http://moolastudentbanking.com) to assist on their upcoming ICO and product delivery in areas of payments, fraud management and operations.


Yet another signed deal to assist our clients with KYC

VR Team enters partnership with an AI based KYC/KYB verification company. Less to no human interaction, fast uploads and safe storage of your customers’ identifications. And reasonably priced. Why bother with manual collection of documents when future is available today?


IRIS.ai choses VR Team to assist with KYC

​VR Team is happy to announce another successful partnership! We've assisted IRIS.AI (www.iris.ai) to make the right choice and successfully on-board best fitting KYC platform for their now live ICO.  


VR Team partners with a global leader of area of KYC and fraud management

We are happy to announce that we entered a partnership with one of the global leaders of automated and enhanced verification services - 2 different type of integration, swift on-boarding, added value services and rich experience with ICOs and specific requirements.


Monetha signs with VR Team for consulting services

VR Team is proud to announce it landed a deal for providing consulting services in the areas of (fiat) e-payment and risk management for Monetha. Monetha (www.monetha.io) ran one the most successful ICOs in 2017 and is a future disruptor of the e-commerce market and the ways customers provide rating for their recent purchases or deals with sellers and service providers.


VR Team further enhances network of partnering fraud solutions

​VR Team is proud to announce, that it entered a partnership with two trending fraud engines:

  • A rich data agnostic solution

  • A purely AI driven solution


Our successful stories


Stuart Atkinson

We are delighted to have partnered with VR Team and are looking forward to working hand in hand on the Moola ICO and project delivery for the foreseeable future. VR Team have the smarts we need to help us make the project the success it deserves to be in helping students worldwide. Their assistance and enthusiasm for the project is exceptional as is their desire to make sure that every detail is well thought out and implement cleanly.

Andrej Ruckij

Payments is one of the crucial points of our product. The best way to show the legitimacy of the deal is to tie the rating to the proof of the payment. To flawlessly integrate payments to our repuation platform we have to learn the ins and outs of the payment industry and the risks that come with it. For this reason we chose VR team, which displayed competence, experience and vital connections for us to select them as a payment consulting partner of Monetha.


Georgi Dimitrov
Head of Development

We at Iris.ai are truly glad that we were able to collaborate with VR Team! We owe them special thanks for getting us in touch with the right KYC provider that fits nicely to our needs. The whole communication and collaboration was timely, flexible and highly professional. Looking forward to continue our collaboration!



For any inquiries, please reach out through social media links or email us at info@vrteam.online

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