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VR Team turns 5 today!

VR Team 5 years

Today, on 08.02.2023, we proudly mark our 5th anniversary!

What a journey it’s been! VR Team was still in the planning process back in the beginning of 2018 and during the last day of ICE London, while boarding the plane back to Bulgaria, I got the news that we were successfully incorporated. It was so exciting!

5 might not sound like a lot, but we went through so much during that time – planning a fully Virtual Remote company, supporting clients as part of their teams and greatly reducing onboarding times and providing the right experience and expertise just-in-time. And all that just two years before the onset of COVID-19. Signing the first contracts with partners, closing the first deals with clients, kicking off the first projects and getting acquainted to so many awesome people on the way.

This 5 years mark the quadrupling of our revenue, hiring, training and extending our team, acquiring our first very own office and leaving a mark in the payments and project development fields on several impactful products we worked together with our partners. Now, in just 5 years and while looking back, I clearly can see the potential we’ve managed to achieve both together and for our partners. Partners like some of the best consulting companies in Europe and being recognized as ones of the very first officially certified implementation partners of Stripe worldwide. That’s what I call a big achievement!

Looking ahead from here, one can only hope and work hard to continue and exceed that trend in the years to come. And with a foundation like this, I believe we are set for the right path!


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