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Moola Student Banking chooses VR Team

VR Team is proud to announce our newest partnership with Moola Student Banking (http://www.moolastudentbanking.com).

Moola Student Banking was founded to save students and universities money simultaneously, while benefiting local businesses. The majority of students come to university without money management experience. Most have relied on their parents to finance their lives and the idea of budgeting for specific expenses is foreign.

Moola is about to launch their ICO and VR Team will assist with setting up the very core of the company - enabling payments and through building operational teams and processes. We, at VR Team, are very proud and happy of our newest partnership, as we foresee Moola to become soon the modern blockchain foundation of how students will approach finances, while supporting the universities and local business.

Stuart Atkinson, Co-Founder of Moola Student Banking said: ”We are delighted to have partnered with VR Team and are looking forward to working hand in hand on the moola ICO and project delivery for the foreseeable future. VR Team have the smarts we need to help us make the project the success it deserves to be in helping students worldwide. Their assistance and enthusiasm for the project is exceptional as is their desire to make sure that every detail is well thought out and implement cleanly.”

We are looking forward to support Moola in this amazing journey ahead of us.


VR Team

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