Platform providers

VR Team serves clients from different verticals and geographies, providing them with consultancy and platform solutions, enabling them to automate, streamline and improve their operational processes. As we do not own or develop our own technology solution and we do not compete with our partners and clients, we aim to partner with a wide range of platform providers, enabling us to provide our clients with the right solution.


VR Team’s clients come from financial, fintech, gaming, digital and crypto areas. Products range from standard fiat PSPs to wallets and merchants, accepting crypto currencies, gambling merchants, digital goods reseller and others. Requirements differ from case to case, based on verticals and risk appetites, but what they have in common is, that they aim to be their market leaders.

If your solution falls under categories below:

  • Data agnostic backoffice

  • Customer on-boarding

  • Fraud management

  • Risk scoring

  • KYC/KYB verification

  • Chargeback management

and consider expanding your client portfolio, VR Team works with referral contracts. We’ll consult our clients on most suitable platform, according to their specific requirements, and be a business mediator between you and them upon their decision.

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