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PayPal Funds Recovery

Obtain a direct line of contact to PayPal through one of our seasoned payment experts and make the best of your PayPal setup – with VR Team.

Based on decades of supporting merchants with PayPal-related topics, VR Team supports online businesses offering PayPal as a payment method by managing and streamlining their various accounts and accelerating troubleshooting via dedicated access to PayPal in critical support cases.


  • We return your blocked PayPal funds to you

  • We identify any implementation or configuration gaps

  • We optimize your payment setup

  • We save you time by skipping waiting lines on your behalf

  • We increase your customer conversion and retention

VR Team White Paper

Common Challenges

  • PayPal account limitations due to complex compliance or other policy issues

  • Standstill in operations due to frozen accounts or other limitations

  • Need for timely and smooth PayPal customer service


  • Dedicated payment expert to investigate your case and develop a tailored approach to solve it  

  • Operational management of your funds release or account recovery

  • Direct line of contact to Account Managers, Product Specialists, and management

What we do

  • We assign you a personal payment conductor for multi-account management

  • We unblock your frozen PayPal accounts and turn suspended funds into working capital

  • We guide and support you in meeting the compliance requirements

How we do it

  • We know the smoothest and fastest communication channels with PayPal

  • We identify gaps in your PayPal implementation or configuration and optimize your payment setup to meet requirements

  • Based on decades of supporting merchants we provide detailed benchmarking at a glance

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