Payment provider

VR Team partners with several payment institutions already (PSPs, issuing and acquiring banks), which cover a wide variety of verticals – from low to high risk, from online gambling and forex to e-commerce, from fiat wallet top ups to fiat to crypto exchanges.

With customers from different background, verticals, risk appetite and geographical processing requirements, we aim to provide them with good coverage, high acceptance rates and low processing fees. As our current client portfolio continues to expand and requirements differ from case to case, we continue to look for suitable partners who can answer our clients’ needs.

We aim to provide a perfect b2b solution, while maintaining excellent business relationship with both our clients and partners.

If you represent a payment institution (issuing or acquiring bank, PSP or payment platform) VR Team invites you to get in touch with us. We work on referral agreement contracts and will provide you with fresh leads for expanding your active processing clients.

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