VR Team serves merchants from all across the globe in terms of connecting them to most suitable partners according to verticals and requirements. From low to high risk categories – being an e-commerce platform, or high risk gambling, or dating, for example, we can refer your business to the right processing partner.

Also, we fully dedicate and assist our clients in building or redesigning processes and internal procedures in areas of payments fraud, chargeback and risk management or enhancing customer on-boarding and verification. We partner with several platform providers (for fraud management and customer on-boarding and verification) and we could add value and automate majority of your back office processes.

What can you expect from VR Team in any or both case scenarios?

•    Entering a non-disclosure agreement so you’re confident your most valuable know-how of your business is not threaten at any point of the process. VR Team never competes with you or would share any disclosed information

•    A full understanding of your business model and where it struggles or needs assistance before being connected to our partners

•    Negotiating a road-map and mile stones to be achieved while VR Team assist you

•    Depending on agreed level of involvement from VR Team’s side – introducing you, being your business mediator during the process of on-boarding you to our partnering companies, a dedicated consultant until your goals are achieved or being involved full time as part of your team

•    Building operational teams, their processes and procedures on-site or assisting you out-sourcing them as virtual remote teams to our partnering companies or locally at VR Team at affordable cost

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