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Product Expertise

Product Owner

Project Steering

Whatever technology you choose for your products, we can support your development teams, stakeholders, and users with the proper execution of the projects. Lean projects, agile methodologies, tidy roadmap, detailed user stories, and successfully launched products is what differs us from the others.  

We can support your payment project development as Program directors. Together with you, to set up a business plan, steer the project from the idea phase, into a market fit, and into the growth phase. VR Team has strong references in successfully launching client's products onto the market and assisting in the acquisition of new customers. Some of our references are SwitchPay (, a payment orchestration platform built with platforms and marketplaces in mind. 

Software development

Snappy tailored code for your financial and payments products is the core of the success of our projects. VR Team can assist you with a fast project kick-off with our development experience and expertise and we would be able to swiftly assemble a development team to execute any project.

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